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A global group specialized in high tech
engineering and digital solutions

We federate different companies and invest in brands that deliver high tech engineering and digital solutions to help industry leaders to accelerate their digital transformation and capture the full potential of technologies.

A value driven

We combine technologies and innovative business models to create value for our clients and help them leverage their critical business opportunities.

An agile framework
to create customized solutions

Leveraging agile frameworks, product design methodologies and expertise of more than 5000 consultants, we co-create, build and scale-up customized solutions for more than 200 Fortune 500 companies.

Key figures


€ 280 M€







Zeentech key figures


We develop entities and invest in brands specialized in high tech and digital solution markets with high-level of expertise.
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Alter Solutions

Cybersecurity and software development

Zeentech Brazil

High tech engineering for the mobility industry

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Digital Transformation
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Digital product development
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Study Rail

Specialists in Rail engineering and consultancy

Legal Cluster*

Legal and compliance platform.

* Minority investment

Corporate Social Responsibility

Zeentech operates practical standards in the different entities of the group in terms of ethics, transparency and corporate citizenship. Zeentech has decided to express its CSR policy in these areas:

Governance & Ethics

Act in favour of human rights
Act responsibly and ethically
Put in place whistleblower procedures
Foster sustainable performance
Ensure responsible purchasing


Promote social inclusion and workforce equality
Offer a fulfilling and caring environment to all employees
Promote social inclusion and workforce equality
Encourage employee performance and foster innovation
Ensure employees safety and health


Reduce energy consumption and manage waste
Include Green-It in our programs


Our areas of excellence are focused on added-value expertise offerings

Industries Practices

  • Financial Services
  • Retail & Luxury
  • Services
  • Aeronautic, Space, Defence
  • Transport, Automobile & Rail
  • Energy
  • Life Sciences
  • Telecom & Media
  • Industrial & Electronics

Transformation Practices

  • Program Managment
  • Sourcing Strategy
  • Innovation- R&D Center
  • Carve Out
  • Agile & Scale

Technologies Practices

Digital Business

  • Business design
  • Service design
  • Customer experience
  • Consulting
  • Digital roadmap

Digital Products & Channels

  • Design sprint & lean inception
  • Digital product strategy
  • Design system
  • Digital product evolution
  • Digital product management & delivery

Digital Operations & Process Automation

  • Process inception & redesign
  • RPA development
  • CoE with automation

Business Agility

  • Lean Agile Transformation
  • Organizational redesign

Digital Architecture

  • Architecture definition
  • Legacy upgrading
  • Platforms development
  • Integrations and API Management
  • Support

Agile SW & Quality Engineering

  • Lean Agile Transformation
  • Organizational redesign

DevOps & Cloud

  • Move to cloud journey
  • Cloud services
  • DevSecOps journey acceleration

Data & Analytics

  • Big Data/Data lake Structuring
  • Visualization and BI Data
  • Data Science & Machine Learning
  • Data inception
  • MLOps

High Tech engineering

  • System engineering
  • Embedded software development
  • Electric/electronics
  • Test & validation
  • Logistics & manufacturing engineering
  • IOT


  • Cybersecurity management
  • Architecture and solutions integration
  • Audit and Pentest
  • Cyber Defense


  • Digital commerce transformation
  • Customer-centric models B2B / B2C / D2C / B2B2C
  • Omnichannel retail
  • API first headless commerce architecture
  • Data-driven activations
  • Cloud E-Commerce

Delivery Models

To accommodate Client trends, our delivery model covers the traditional Time & Materials approach while enabling Zeentech to act as a strategic partner for its Clients to support their global projects with stronger commitments



Specific expertise that complements client teams to support clients with individual expertise.


Managed Squads

Multidisciplinary team delivering in agile mode end to end digital products or engineering solutions.


Service center

Multidisciplinary expertise service center delivering services predefined in a catalog of services with SLA.


Platforms and Saas solutions

Services delivered in Saas model.

Client Stories

200 Clients in 10 Industries

Financial Services
Retail & Luxury Services            
Life Science         
Telecom & Media                   

Flagship Projects


Creation of an API portal for the consolidation and management of accounting, regulatory and managerial information

Standardize and automate the provision and consumption of accounting, regulatory and managerial information by the internal areas and partners of the financial establishment for a large Brazilian bank. With technologies such as .Net Core, RabbitMQ, GraphQL, AWS, we could automate processes, generate productivity efficiency for the sectors that consumed the API's, and gain Bank As A Service scale.


Kyc: optimizing and scaling the background check process for digital banking

Make the tool of reputational research process of a large Brazilian bank cheaper, more resilient and assertive for onboarding. With technologies such as gRPC, GraphQL, VUE, React + Redux, AngularJS, Grafana, RabbitMQ, SQL Server and Azure DevOps, Docke, we applied the approach of designing and creating the ecosystem of APIs and integrations, microservices and cloud architecture, process automation, and automatic contingency configuration, reducing by 50% the check validation time, and generating cost savings by eliminating unnecessary transactions.


DevOps acculturation to meet the challenges of digital banking

Automate processes and increase the autonomy of a large Brazilian bank’s development teams. Implementation of tools and dissemination of DevOps culture knowledge and practices, aiming to increase collaboration among teams. The objective was to improve the flow of tools used in the service life cycle, and to automate the provisioning of infrastructure in a Cloud environment. As a result, we accelerated the change management process, reduced the lead time to deploy new features in the productive environment, and reduced cloud costs in the business units.


Big data: establish the technical framework and data culture to guide decision-making

For a Central Bank, a public law institution regulated by national and European laws, we provide application development, maintenance and assistance services. The application scope refers to applications based on multi-level architecture with service-oriented patterns and microservices. The task mode provision is based on the Function Point metrics.

Flagship Projects


Business intelligence - data analysis for creating scalable business models

Track the behavior of managers and internal physicians of a large global insurer, defining and generating KPIs, and structuring analytical dashboards for decision-making and creation of new business models. Through methodologies such as Design Thinking, User Research and Product Discovery, we generated insights and qualitative and quantitative data to outline the strategic and performance vision. Using Google Cloud Platform, Power BI, Tableau, and BigQuery technologies, we created a 360º data traceability and a new remuneration model for the professionals involved, moving away from a fee-for-service model toward one tied to performance.


Creating a secure corporate authentication solution

Technological and architectural change for a large global insurer regarding users’ authentication (employees, brokers, customers) to meet growth demands related to security. We held workshops with lean inception and design sprint dynamics, identifying the insurer’s needs and a solution that would meet the business’ and the broker’s demands. Creation of the unified corporate login API for integration into internal and external channels, generating security improvements (second authentication factor) and a new corporate login concept, helping standardize authentication management.


Development of app for digital continuity, legacy integration services, and microservices platform

Series of products and services with new integration solutions for the largest independent life insurance company in the Brazilian market, with more than 140 years of existence and presence in over 40 countries. Based on a specialized consulting, we developed targeted solutions in the areas of Infrastructure, Architecture, and Information Security. Creation and development of an application to give digital continuity to Success Planner, fully integrated into the digital journey of the customer’s specific franchises. In addition, we have also provided a microservices platform for the company's business partners to access updates and sell their products. With UX/UI and Scrum technologies, DDD/ Clean Code, Micro Front-end, Clean Architecture, we updated the database making it more secure, uninterrupted and with 100% traceable information, generating more agility and security for the company, besides facilitating the routine of management and operational processes, both for internal collaborators and for customers and business partners.


Digitalization of the supply chain through telemetry and IOT

For the world leader in the manufacturing of trucks: deliver a cloud-native solution to increase connectivity between vehicles, maintenance, processes and fleet management. Creation of the environment on AWS, adaptation of the Marketplace to LATAM specificities in terms of payments and tax system, and organization of the program through Agile and Lean methodology; near real-time data capture from the telemetry box embedded in vehicles. As a result, we created a new business platform allowing the customer to change from sale of vehicles to sale of data and services.

Flagship Projects


Mobility as a service

White label solution to serve partners of a large Brazilian company in the mobility services industry who wish to offer mobility solutions to their customers, without great development efforts, but with great added value. Creation of a complete and scalable solution to enable the use of tags for frictionless payment experience in tolls and parking lots by partners in the B2B2C model. By designing and developing a catalog of APIs, we enabled partners to integrate and use the tag solution. With the project, we generated a 30% gain in scale and an increase in the partner ecosystem.


Connected car

Project developed for a global automaker present in Brazil, offering the end consumer maximum comfort, convenience and integration with all the vehicle controls. Creation and development of the application for smartphone and smartwatch that allows the passenger to adjust the interior lighting, seat position control, heating and massage, opening the sunroof and GPS functions, generating a fully integrated digital experience and the capture of behavioral data.


Trucks Durability tests

In our logistics center with more than 150 professionals including engineers, analysts and technicians, we manage the entire durability running process for commercial automakers.With volumes and KPI's managed in Power Bi developed and customized for the project, we deliver online results for the control and actions of the client and our engineers. We optimize results, deadlines and costs in product development.


Trucks & Bus Mktg Demonstration

For over 10 years we have been developing and applying a vehicle demonstration program for Truck and Bus manufacturers. Highly-qualified and trained technicians visit fleet owners, for product demonstration, driver training, and fleet management. The target is to achieve excellence in fleet operation, reducing consumption, increasing profitability for the fleet owner, and generating more product sales, all through volumetrics and technical controls in a dedicated portal.

Flagship Projects


Rails Project

Partners in the development of subway production infrastructure. The Zeentech Brazil partnership with the world's largest manufacturer of trains and subways takes place in Brazil, in the city of Taubaté, by participating in the mechanical and electrical manufacturing and assembly activities of the company's new global projects. Around 300 jobs will be created in the unit by the first quarter of 2023 for the production of more than 1,700 trainsets for several countries in Latin America, Europe and Asia.


Proving Ground Management

The goal of the platform was to have access to analytical views about performance, user engagement, most and least accessed content, and rejection rates of a streaming video platform. We used Immersion, Product Inception, Design Thinking methodologies combined with Python, Kafka, HDFS, Spark, microservices, clean architecture, Reacts, GCP technologies. We created real-time data analysis, enabling more assertive decisions and engagement of teams regarding performance.


Performance analytics solution for a video streaming platform

The goal of the platform was to have access to analytical views about performance, user engagement, most and least accessed content, and rejection rates of a streaming video platform. We used Immersion, Product Inception, Design Thinking methodologies combined with Python, Kafka, HDFS, Spark, microservices, clean architecture, Reacts, GCP technologies. We created real-time data analysis, enabling more assertive decisions and engagement of teams regarding performance.


Streamline operations through RPA automation

Gain efficiencies through automation in Leased Services, and keep it free from existing applications for an international telecom company. Using the AS-IS mapping, prioritization & redesign and a structure work model methodologies we create artifacts for automation management, develop codes for robots, automate processes and run continuous improvements & monitoring activities. With UIPath, Automation Anywhere and AutoIT technologies, our results were 13 RPA's involving +5 systems, download approx. 278 notes/month from supplier websites, gain efficiency +600 hours/month, reduction of human errors, balance control of 2,487 purchase order items/month, and real-time monitoring (approval & status change) of 324 requisitions & purchase orders/month.

Flagship Projects


Build a Data COE* for pharmaceutical activities

Our objective was to build a real-time and predictive analysis for a global pharmaceutical company. With an approach of modeling, processing & integration, we audit & unify tools, areas, methodologies, roles and high data volume across whole organization, build data architecture that supports data-driven and real-time processes, tool for the configuration and synchronization between external data and internal processes to ensure data quality and compliance, and training for validation and optimization of the knowledge base. The results were the improvement of performance, visibility and valorization of data for decision-making, and anticipation via 360 vision.

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